Yodafy online training for corporate employees offers the most established courses in a wide range of subjects to enhance the knowledge base of your employees.

What our TRAINERS offer

  • Deliver course-centric presentations on the job oriented courses after engineering.
  • Take two surprise exams to keep the learners engaged.
  • Conduct final exams to gauge their understanding of the courses.
  • Submit a report based on the learner’s class performance and assessment performance.
  • Slack support for the following 2 weeks.


What Subjects do we offer Training on

  • Mern Stack, Java Full stack, Data Science, ML and AI, AWS lambda, Azure, React Native, React JS, Node JS, DevOps, Sharepoint, Angular JS, and many more based on the company’s demands.

Best In Class Instructors

Each yodafy online training expert has the required experienced and subject knowledge. Their experience ranges from 8-15 years and they incorporate the best learning techniques in their lectures

Well Equipped Labs

Experiment, explore, and learn from the mistakes at our well-equipped labs under the strict guidance of our trainers. We come handy with all the required software and also we guide you in case we need anything from your end.

Best Infrastructure

Avail of the most secured learning environment with the required and most well-suited amenities needed for the upskilling of your employees

Corporate Vision

About Yodafy's Training Division


Yodafy is here to boost the professional skills and make your employees your top assets. This is why we are maintaining every measure to train them to fit the bill of the changing corporate demands.

    • The online courses are designed to make your employees attend the classes regularly with the least amount of absenteeism.
    • These job-oriented upskill courses are structured to let them juggle their jobs alongside the training.
    • Your employees can be stationed anywhere, yet they can enroll for the corporate training on any of the subjects you are getting them trained in.
    • It is easy to follow the pace of the online video classes with glued attention.
    • The online PDF study materials will further help them to fall back on anything important, after the completion of the course.
    • Yodafy training webinars uphold sheer excellence to the corporate learners and become huge platforms to discuss, learn, and question the challenges.





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