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Learn everything there is to know about Data Science from the mentors of INT. The wide range of topics and concepts are designed based on industry problems which INT works on. You will be involved in Live internships and projects which they are presently working on.

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Yodaafy’s Practical Workshop Curriculum.

Data Structure
Data Frames
Dropping entries from an axis
Selection and Filtering
Arithmetic and Data Alignment
Axis Indexes with Duplicate Levels
Filtering out missing data
Filling in missing data
Removing duplicates
Replacing values
Combining and merging dataset
Concatenating along an axis
Reshaping and Pivoting
Understanding Matplotlib
Figures & Subplot
Color Markers & Line Styles
Ticks, Labels & Legends
Adding Legends Summary
Plotting with Pandas & Seaborn
Bar plots
Scatter plots
Scatter plots with plot scatter
Seaborn vs Matplotlib
Visualization 3D Function
Linear Regression
Decision Tree
Random Forest
Logistic Regression
K Mean Clustering
Hierarchical Clustering
Time Series Analysis
Bagging & Boosting


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Yodaafy’s Master Class course duration is all total 7 months which is further divided into two parts , first 5 months we will be dealing with developing and building skills and for the last 2 months you will be offered internships with real world projects and placement supports.
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