Why Do Freshers Fail to Meet the Required Professional Skills on Becoming Passouts?

The number of freshers from college surges every year. There is no stopping the crowd of these young ladies and gentlemen unless they are questioned DO YOU POSSESS THE REQUIRED SKILLS FOR A JOB? At first, they will be bewildered on hearing the term skills. Surprisingly, these youngsters, competing for the best careers, do not even know what is indeed needed of them. Funny, right? In fact, all they concentrate on are degrees and marks and forget all about building the X-factors.

In this blog, you will read closely about the exact reasons why the freshers from college do not have the desired professional skills.

Why, why, just why?

If only all the individuals had little out-of-the-box ideas about how to rope into the best corporate houses! It carves out a miserable scene to see so many dreams hitting the rock bottom only because he/she did not have the necessary professional skills for the post.


  • Unprepared for the job market: While pursuing their degrees, the students do not pay much attention to building their skills. Since they are all focused on coming out with flying colours, they do not learn the worth of a professional skills course.
  • Lack of foundation skills: There are some basic skills that all must possess starting from their primary education days. It is a poor sight to see these freshers lack basic professional writing skills. Most fail to draft an official letter or an e-mail. Besides, many stutter and stammer when it comes to delivering a brief about a project or make a PPT. Having the basic knowledge about computers and reading, speaking, writing and listening skills are must-haves.
  • No mentorship and/or appropriate guidance: Most institutions do not train the freshers in college as per the requirements of the job market. That is why they are at a loss when they have to crack an interview.
  • Influence of the institution: The degrading education system has also created havoc. Keeping in mind the present education and job scenarios, you must take up professional skills development courses to boost your career.
  • Unfavourable personality: Coupled with a lack of professional skill development program, the freshers also fail to impress the interview panel with their drab personality. The confidence and elegance are missing and they cannot present themselves well.
  • No prior work experience: The majority of the freshers from college do not get any hands-on training. So, they are deprived of the opportunities that the ones with proper experience or internship have.


These are only to list a few areas that push freshers from colleges into unfavourable grounds. The outcome of not bagging a dream job or any job at all only plunges them into depression and anxiety. So, without losing your heart, try to develop your personality and improve the areas that you are lagging in. The time is NOW or NEVER! Always remember that “opportunity refused is an opportunity lost forever”.

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